We Take the
Headaches out of
Medical Coordination.



Streamline Your Firm


We set all your clients’ medical appointments and manage follow-up ensuring clients meet with medical staff, and when necessary, appointments are rescheduled.


MedNinja keeps Attorneys in the know! Our case management and reporting ensures your clients’ medical needs are managed faster and with less oversight than ever.


MedNinja offsets your legal staffing costs. Less busy work for Paralegals and no need for on staff medical coordinators keep more dollars in your firms coffers.

How Does MedNinja Work?

MedNinja streamlines your Law Practice with true managed medical coordination and follow-up.

MedNinja is proven to reduce the number of cases lost to clients missing critical medical appointments. Additionally, with our tracking platform, we can ensure that all physician/chiropractor/physical therapy billings, prescriptions and diagnostic imaging billings are attributed to the correct case.

Three Simple Steps

Onboard Clients

When a new client is added to the system, they are paired with a dedicated medical coordinator who immediately starts the process of booking all the necessary medical appointments

Get Your Clients the Best Care

Our medical coordinators will screen and select the best medical professionals in your area to handle your cases. With our network of over 5000 providers we can always find excellent care in a timely fashion. If your firm has a list of preferred providers, simply provide your dedicated MedNinja Coordinator with your contacts and we will handle the rest!

Follow-up and Reporting

Your MedNinja coordinator is trained to follow-up immediately after care to ensure the client was seen and that your office is aware of future medical requirements resulting from a visit. We proactively setup all follow-up visits/activities and record all actions in our system. Finally, for our premium members, we also obtain all medical records and file costs accordingly to ensure billings are always accurate.

Get Started for Free

Why Wait? MedNinja could be freeing up staff time and handling all of your medical coordination.

Our Medical Coordinators

We only hire the best!

Our medical coordinators are focused on making sure your clients medical needs are met and your cases are moving forward. All our coordinators are college educated and have incredible attention to detail. They are trained to be personable and professional.

MedNinja Plans


Free. No Hidden Fees.

We handle your medical coordination the same as if you had an on-staff coordinator:

Coordination of medical activities
Appointment verification + follow up
Accurate case billing reports


Includes Medical Records.

You receive everything from our basic package plus medical records retrieval and accounting.

$100/mo – 10 Client Medical Records

$250/mo – 30 Client Medical Records

$500/mo – 75 Client Medical Records

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